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Projects and consultancy for sustainable tourism

In the ten years of its existence ECEAT-Projects has initiated and worked on a wide variety of projects that helped to establish concrete contacts between sustainable tourism products and businesses and media. Click on ‘Promotion of sustainable tourism products’.

ECEAT-Projects also initiated and worked on a wide variety of projects focussing on quality in sustainable tourism in different countries worldwide. Click on ‘Quality systems’.

In countries all over the world ECEAT-Projects has contributed to a wide range of projects on for developing sustainable tourism. Click on ‘Strategies for sustainable tourism’.

Together with several professional partners, ECEAT-Projects worked on different projects developing and marketing training products on how to implement sustainable tourism strategies and the importance of such development. Click on ‘Training in sustainable tourism’.

Green Travel Market of ECEAT-Projects helps European and North American tour operators to become more aware of sustainable products, integrate them into the packages and reach relevant markets.
Click on ‘
Green Travel Market’.